Training Philosophy

How do you become strong enough to meet the demands of the mountains?

Body, Mind, Spirit

Mountain Challenges test the limits of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Training to meet these demands is at the heart of all Fit To Explore training programs.

  1. Body 

Mountain terrain can be brutal. Thousands of feet of elevation gain, scrambling over boulders, sliding through loose scree fields, climbing with a 45 lbs pack. These demands on the body are profound and meeting them requires optimal exercise program design that focuses on developing healthy joints, strong and powerful muscles, utilizes exercises and movements that correlate to the task, and cardio so that you can endure all day, get up and do it again tomorrow.

  1. Mind

To succeed in the mountains and in fitness, your mind has to be your greatest asset, not a weakness. Fit to Explore programs address mental training using cold water exposure. If you can wake up first thing in the morning and face 30 seconds to three minutes of cold water from your shower, you will be better prepared mentally for the rigors of the mountains than most. 

  1. Spirit

Humans working together can overcome greater obstacles than anyone could overcome alone. Having a community to go to the mountains and into your workouts with is essential for keeping up morale. Every Fit to Explore workout is a challenge, and you should meet those challenges with your friends. Our programs are easily tailored to small group workouts.  If you don't have a group to workout with, you will find a network of people you can share your experience with on our facebook page.


What can you expect to reap from Fit to Explore training programs?

Expect a body that is lean, strong, and durable, a mind that is sharp, tough and insurmountable, and spirit that is robust and purposeful. Expect to go to the mountains and to be successful. Expect to feel vital, capable, and resilient every day.